Choosing Marya to coach your child is a beautiful gift to your child. I have watched her help children to find their own heart-centered qualities and soulful resources, while guiding them to express their own gifts with integrity and clarity.

— Bill Bauman, Ph.D. (Founder of the Center for Soulful Living)

I found Ms. Michael to be an angel in dealing with me and my many anxieties concerning my son… She dealt with us with great skill and sensitivity. Marya understands what’s important and what isn’t.

— Parent (Glebe Elementary, Arlington, VA)

Marya’s extraordinarily helpful recording seems to come straight from the angels…. Refreshingly, the word “I” is not mentioned once as this expert teacher leads you through guided experiences that bring insight into the meaning of pain, awakening the inner child, spiritual leadership, and the power of love.

— Rose Rosetree (Founder and Trainer, Women’s Intuition Worldwide)

Ms. Michael, somewhere in your brain there’s always fun!

— Kindergartener (Glebe Elementary, Arlington, VA)

Marya and I co-founded and taught the Peace Maker’s Program at our school. Her ability to seek out and nurture the special gifts of each child is rare.

— Eve Loudenback (School Counselor and Psychologist)

Marya Michael is a particularly warm and insightful personal coach for young adults. With wisdom, discernment, and empathy, Marya gave my daughter perspective on the specific spiritual and practical gifts and talents she would bring to the world and the type of work environment in which she would flourish. Part of her advice focused on the importance of timing, which enabled my daughter to wait before finding the right job for her, which she is very happy with now.

— Meg Soper Stallings (Parent, Silver Spring, MD)